No Prom, No Problem

All dressed up with No Prom to go to

Then let's Get dressed up for this Free Keepsake photo Session

Our New Kent High school seniors were looking forward to their last dance.  Prom may be canceled but let’s get dressed up and show off your outfits that you planned to wear to the dance.  “There have been tears over this cancelation and I hope to bring a smile”  

So I figured I could give them a reason to get dressed up.  This Saturday April 25th which was the original date of the Prom, I will photograph as many students as I can in one day Free...…….this session will need to be a fast 15min. photo session but you will receive some great photos that you will cherish for years to come.  I know this will not help with the sadness of not being able to go to the Prom but I hope it helps just a little

My goal is to photograph NEW KENT HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS at their home dressed in their prom attire, while we both are applying the current CDC approved guidelines for social distancing. I will be photographing from a safe distance using a zoom lens and creating keepsake portraits of each student.

They receive the downloadable photographs as my gift, while allowing me to create this work and share it on my website and social network. This project is voluntary and I am doing this pro bona.


If you want to book a time, go to 

Event Page and fill out the form and I will contact you to set up a time.

Thanks so Much

Tina Capece

Stay Safe